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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 6, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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was her husband douglas. >> it's harder for him than it is for me. it's muchharder.gether guy, but he 's human, and he loves me, so he's my too much defender. >> megan's fox news be coming up on march 3. justin bieber always keeps us guessing about his love life. but justin is making it very clear whom his heart belongs to at home. justin's new best friend, meet phil, his adorable laboratory puppy.g a striped referee shirt, the biebs trying not to mhis older dog jealous of the baby. melt. up next, michelle turner co-hosted an episode of the 47th awards. the event honored people of color who contribution.
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on in this country. >> next week'srey's anatomy" was direct -- on scandal, president fits and olivia are kaput and he's ahurtin'. >> he is hurting and i think just very, very lonely. and experiencing life for the first time on his own. >> maria shriver co-hosted the architects of change discussion.nd it was musical and there's great dance, but at the and of the day, it stands tall for human rights. o stars on "grey's anatomy." and she's an executive producer on that show as wel and denzel seems likechoice to direct a show. remember the two-time oscar winner started his career as a tv buff on st. elsewhere.
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28th abc. if there's one thing you got to get right af calling out all the correct names of the winners is the food. and have hollywood's master chef in control, wolfgang. we have the first look at what he's got cooking up for the oscar's most exclusive party, the governor's ball. >> we have the lemon meringue pie. >> you have to be very careful. >> it's not a toy for kids, maybe. 1,000 lobsters, cooked by 300 of wolfgang's best chefs. >> are any of the food items thematic the movies? >> no, not really. but leo, when he comes to ays eats like a tasting menu. he says i don't want to eat one
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>> 30 pounds of caviar and $20,000 worth of truffles. here's another number. 10,000 as in flowers, that's how many co-owner of mark's garden has ordered for the governor's ball, and all in one cus, we have never done white. >> in a year when the ssowhite is perhaps the oscar's biggest concern, it's a coincidence. >> we start ordering flowers \ about six months before the ball. flowers we're going to be using, we decided on the colors. >> we have lilac, these amazown for us in japan. these wonderful gardenias for fragrance, it's just going to be amazing in the room. re to get it just right. they aren't doing mixed arrangements, the will as well as the
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we have the next big musicalion, tricia yearwood on the pressures of playing the mother of jesus. >> this is really your first big acting job.
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o after her split.
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it's been more than 20 years since "saved by the bell" left
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and those old fr at bayside high get together for a series reboot.hoping the answer is yes. we put the question to tiffany theisen, who's gone from 90s it girl to cooking queen. >> there's been so many reboots, "saved by the bell? >> i don't know if they'll be able to get al all of us. >> our whole then of making fun of fun, smart way was the way we wanted to do it. >> i'm pre>> aired in '89 as bayside high's hottest couple almost kissed. >> zack, iferrari. >> oh, you poor thing, you're too upset to talk right now. >> until you calm down. >> one of your earliest "e.t" interviews. >> oh, gosh. >> who handles your family? >> my family, actually my mom and i do. the bang were more calmed down. when i first started the show,
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will reunite on dinner at tough any's, a cooking show in its second season. >> we're going to have >> the most anticipated guest comes on with a beautiful wife and you'll get to see that sometime in the season. >> tiffany is now 42 and a mom down at the hollywood kitchen, asked her if her hubby helps with the cooking. >> i techbd to the cooking and he does amazing dishes. >> he does a dishes. it works well. >> a man my own heart. doing dishes too. >> still ahead tonight, lindsay lohan's parents take their problems to reality tv. is therapy on television really a good idea?l and physical abuse. >> you're a pathological liar. and kaley cuoco's single girl remodel.r what this wallpaper cost. and tricia yearwood'
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jesus, reenacted with a whitney houston song.orleans. >> that's controversial from the get-go, right?
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kaley cuoco's remodel. her love of horses is making a big bang in the kitchen. >> kaley is an loves horses and all animals. i saw this wallpaper that was horses and she was like, love it. where are we putting it? >> that will cost you though, it retails for $345 per roll. the guy behind it? jeff andrews who worked for kloe kardasostly she wanted to personalize the space more and make it brighter. >> the reality show kloe and lamar was shot here. and you can see the old
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kitchen.oing the entire house. >> we're good, we always have it's exciting over here. >> we even find wallpaper on the sealing, whe skyped in for live. >> wallpaper on the ceiling is a great way to pull a room together. her home is a complete extension of she's so sohysterical, that we have inkrpted all those things into her house to make it a home. >> th no doubt that hisin de he's also helped out all the kardashians as well as ryannd america ferrera. now for the latest entry into the nothing is personal reality tv. five parents including lindsay lohan's parents are airing their dirty laundry for all to see. s? or can this show really help
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>> i never diddidn't do it crazy. >> when there's no cameras around and there's no mikes on, o this and when you're're intreatment, you're very reactionary. >> it's raw and intense. one house, no cell pthe cameras roll 24/7. >> i do this on tele >> just close the door on the past, bring awareness to domestic abuse and move forward.g him build a better relationship with our four children. >> there was mental and physical abuse. >>. >> divorced in 2007, the lohans have plenty to work through. as do rers of their housemateslike teen mom and her sister brittany. the new vh1 en is sometimes out of control. >> it was a real big slap in the face, i tell you, man. >> but is having a national
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idea? it is, according to dr. j en mann, the show's therapist. >> i can say look at how you talked to him, look to her. i have tools here that i can do therapy on such a deep and profound level that it's hard for people to even understand. >> [ take this anymore.>> we have resources here you could never have in private practice. the very fact that we have cameras here, we have security here, we have multiple therapists here, they're having this experience aroundssible for them to do therapy. >> the families all undergo three weeks of therapy to see if they can rebuild the t's time to cut the ties. you're the on that i want m are the hotst thing on tv right now.
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smash.musical is a faith based musical "passion." nobody has more faith in m od than her husband mr. brooks. >> did garth chuckle a little when you said, hey, guess what? i'm going to play mary, the mother of jesus? >> he's been a great support. because these sessions have not r me. and it's been a little challenging. i'll get home at night and i'll say, i don't know, if i can do you've got this. do you get to sing any of your songs? or no tricia yearwood songs? >> ongs fit. >> are you also singing whitney's songs? >> i am. that's the first song i sing in the show, which is, i should aid no. i was like, okay you want me to sing a whitney houston song? with but i tried to say this is
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whitney lips, because i could not if i wanted to, aboutself in that moment and try to relay the message to the people. >> let's explain what the passion live is, it's an $11 million production, set in the streets of new orleans. r sunday, christ will even be seen in an orange prison jump suit after his arrest. katy perry will narrate the musical that isemporary song. so many are asking is it blasphemous orliant? >> a lot of the dialogue is direct from the bible and theso well fit to the story. for instance, after jesus is on the cross, mary sings a song called broken. i am broken, this is breaking my heart, the moment. >> this is a secret. those are very narrow, so you have to be very careful. >> tricia took michelle down the secret the
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studio where she's preparing her five songs? are doing theng today? >> yes. >> any other songs today? >> we'll see. >> they'll have chris daughtry hink really, whatever your religion, whatever your faith, whatever you believe in, the to me the message of jesus is love one another. is so that's what the take away is. >> love this. tricia has another exciting project in the works and fans have been waiting a long time for this including me. she and garth are making their first duet album. christmas cd that's going to be out at the end of the year. which star got their official name from a famous friend of the family? is it evan rachel wood,fer jason jason leigh?
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stars like russell will soften and sierra fly private
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in tonights, which star got their professional name from a famous friend of the family? >> jason rowbarts is a friend of the family, a brilliant actor and i liked the way it sounded.ifer jason leigh. who t54 today. are have a wonderful weekend, everybody, go panthersough i do like peyton
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test developing news tonight, a powerful quake, a race toscue hundreds reportedly trapped after a city is rocked by an earthquake strong enough to cause buildings to crumble. deadly collapse. 20-story crane caught on camera crashing to the ground. tonight neighbors say they feared this could happen. the race tightens. new polls show clintonng ground to sanders nationally after their most fiery debate yet, while rubio continues his rise. a new zika alert. one for men, to protect their partners and six months from rio, an american olympic worried about competing in the hot zone. and fatal prescription, a first of its kind case, a doctor sentence ford murder for escribing pain
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how it could drastically change how doctors practice. "nightly news" begins right now. >> good evening. we begin tonight with a developing story, a powerful 6.4 earthquake struck southern taiwan, where it is early saturday morning, causing buildings to collapse. there are reports that dred people may be trapped and rescues are under way. we get the latest tonight from nbc's keir simmons. dark, rescuers search for survivors in twisted concrete metal. hundreds trapped, according to reports multiple buildings collapsed. one man crawls out and is carried away. the earthquake, a magnitude 6.4, struck at 4:00 a.m. local time, while people were sleeping.
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deep, amplifying itsmaging effect. multiple firefighters worked simultaneously despite many taiwanese television shown a woman high up carefully hoped that safety. those who escapedlieved to be alive. so far no reports of death or serious injuries but at least two buildings have collapsed, one 17 s high, 123 people rescued from it so far, reports say but as the hours go by, there will be fears for anyone still missing. news, london. here in new york it was an accident that triggered a sudden violent and deadly impact on anhattan street. camera capturing the moment that the boom of a massive crane fell to earth crumbling building, crushing cars and killing a passer-by. giant cranes are ubiquitous in american a high-rise construction boom but as we've seen
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highly dangerous. nbc's kristen dahlgren has >> whoa! >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the moment the massive crane crashed to earth captured on video, as stunned witnesses looked on in disb holy [ bleep ]! >> there was an enormous bang, like the loudest bang ever. the whole building, whole earth shook. >> reporter: on the street below, debris stretching the length of two football fields. the 300ton metal cranetwisted and broken, its cabs flipped. cars flatten . >> we're going to need here. struck by the crane. we have one person trapped in a car. >> reporter: the trapped man was one of three injured. 38-year-old david wick simply walking on the street during rush hour, when down. hundreds of rescue workers rushed to the york's mayor, calling it a miracle more weren't killed. >> this incident
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they were lowering thee to secure it. >> reporter: but neighbors say they worried about the crane well before this morning's winds. >> it didn't look right. not surprised? >> i'm stunned, but i'm not surprised. >> reporter: construction cranes are a common sight around manhateir safety came under scrutiny in 2008 when two collapsed within two months, killing nine. the city's buildings commis and new safety measures were put in place. just last may, a cable on a crane snapped, injuring ten. that crane owned bye same company as the one that collapsed today. following this morning's incident, the city immediately ordered some 400 ocranes be secured. now this crane was just inspected yesterday morning, and we're told was fully can see the investigation continues tonight. they've also shut down all of the gas mains in the area, trying to prevent another tragedy., it could take a week before that service is restored. >> kristen dahlgren here in new york,
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we are entering the final weekend first primary in new hampshire and two brand new polls show bernie sanders starting to close the gap on hillary clintononally, after their most contentious debate yet, clinton is campaigning hard to win that support back. nbc's andrea mitchell spoke with her on the trail. >> reporter: hillary clinton today reaching out to women and young people who have been flocking to bernie sanders, bringing in the cavalry, women's tors. but the crowd was mostly of a certain age, the scene reflecting clinton's base, not young peopey say you sound more like a politician, that bernie sanders sounds more authentic. >> well look around here, i have a lot of young people who are supporting me and they are working hard every single day to go out, contact voters to make the case. >> reporter: and after brushing off chuck 's question. releasing transcripts of her paid speeches to wall street banks.
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status but i'll it. >> reporter: are you willing to release the transcripts? into that. i want to get into >> reporter: sorry did you it? >> no, i'm not because i thought it was a good way to communicate what i was seeing in the world. >> reporter: bernie sanders today not overflow crowd in the snow. >> what momentum is, is that in the midst of a snowstorm, you can't get all of the people into the room. that's momentum. >> reporter: this off last night. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> oh. >> in recent weeks. >> ooh. >> and let's talk -- >> reporter: but sanders seeming to struggle on foreign policy. >> north korea is a very strange situation, because it is such an isolated country, run by a handful of dictators,
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>> reporter: but that
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